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Our Services

Welcome to HOMME DC, where art transcends boundaries and transforms spaces. Our curated art services cater to businesses, individuals, real estate professionals, art collectors, and the vibrant community of artists in the DC area and beyond. Let us guide you through a seamless journey, combining the power of art with strategic vision.

Art for Commercial Spaces

For businesses and individuals seeking to elevate their spaces, HOMME DC offers a unique blend of artistry and functionality. Our expert team specializes in finding the perfect artwork to complement office spaces, architectural designs, and interior decor. Immerse yourself in a curated collection that speaks to your brand and vision.

Tailored Art for Collectors

Whether you're searching for the perfect piece locally or nationwide, [Your Art Gallery Name] is your partner in finding the ideal artwork. Our expert assistance ensures you discover art that suits your taste and complements your home. Let us guide you in building a collection that reflects your individual style.

Photography + Video Production

Immerse your art in the spotlight with our professional photographers and videographers. Collaborate with our skilled team to capture high-quality photos and videos of your art, art studio, or pieces within HOMME DC gallery. Let the essence of your creations shine through stunning visuals. Elevate your online presence with captivating videos that provide a realistic lens for your audience. 

Real Estate Art Solutions

Make your property stand out in the competitive real estate market. When showcasing a home for sale, leverage the impact of art to create an unforgettable experience. Envision potential buyers picturing themselves in a space adorned with groundbreaking art from national and international artists. Consider art exhibitions at your properties, available upon request, for a unique selling point.

Empowering Artists

Calling all artists, from emerging talents to established creatives! HOMME DC offers unique opportunities for artists looking to thrive in the vibrant art scene of the DC area and beyond. Showcase your talent and expand your artistic journey with us.

Artful Framing

Every art piece is unique, and our custom framing service adds a personalized touch. Enlist the expertise of our in-house artist to handcraft a custom frame tailored to your art piece. Elevate the presentation of your artwork with a frame that complements and enhances its individuality.


HOMME DC has had the pleasure of working with over 200 artists and 15+ companies over the past 10 years. Some of these companies include the following. 

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What Our Clients Say


Mallory Knodel, Art Curator 

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"Working with Amir is great. Amir is really laid-back and easy-going.
Amir always wants everybody involved to get what they deserve and he’s really willing to accommodate what other people need. I really like working with Amir on art curation and I think Homme Gallery and Amir are really important parts of the cultural community in Washington D.C."
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