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Experience the versatility of HOMME's multi-space offerings across the DC area and seize the opportunity to host your own event in our uniquely artistic venues. Explore the ideal space for your event based on type, capacity, and location. Uncover the artful possibilities of HOMME's spaces, where creativity meets functionality.


Pricing varies per location and event type. Please inquire through the form below for more information. We look forward to working with you!


L Street

L Street Venue: Discover the vibrant energy of Washington D.C. at our L Street location. This intimate yet minimalist L-shaped space boasts clean colors, exposed high ceilings, and inviting glass doors. Centered around captivating artwork, L Street provides a versatile canvas for event hosting, accommodating various needs in terms of the type of event, number of attendees, and prime location in the heart of the city.

O Street

Situated in a historically acclaimed art building in downtown D.C., our O Street studio exudes character and charm. Surrounded by a community of creatives and art studios, this venue captures the urban, street-style essence of D.C. while embracing the historical significance of the city. Host your event in a space beloved for its unique ambiance and artistic atmosphere.

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